Welcome to Shir Hatzafon - Progressive Judaism in Denmark

Shir Hatzafon is the Progressive Jewish synagogue and community in Denmark, based in Copenhagen. Shir Hatzafon combines Jewish tradition and religious learning with modern life, and we emphasize transparency, gender equality and innovative interpretation of our several-thousand-year-old Jewish history.

Shir Hatzafon is a welcoming and inclusive community. To all, who have Judaism as their religious, cultural and identity standpoint, we say: welcome!

If this is the first time that you visit a progressive synagogue, please feel free to send us an email, and then a member would be helpful to guide you through our worship and to answer any questions. You can find contact info menu item Contact / Newsletter. Times for Shir Hatzafon worship services and other events see Calendar.

Rabbi Tirzah Ben David's High Holy Day sermons

Since the very beginning of Shir Hatzafon nearly 10 years ago our community has seen it as our pride and duty to have an open and welcoming door at our services.

Shir Hatzafon is giving others the opportunity to share in the rabbi Tirzah’s words by uploading her talks to our website. You can find the sermons of Rabbi Tirzah in PDF format in the menu: About Shir Hatzafon > Rabbi

We are going on a sommer holiday ...

Summer is upon us. Spring was mild and sunny and so our expectations of a balmy summer are high. However, we can hardly comprehend that it is now over six months since we began 2014. It has been a half year with a good and full calendar for our Jewish community. After June, we can look forward to a little summer break in July.

With summer evenings just as beautiful as we have had in spring, you should keep an eye on the Facebook group Friends of Shir Hatzafon (Venner af Shir Hatzafon). Here we will post Shabbat outdoor picnics in Copenhagen parks. All are welcome to organize a picnic on Facebook.

The first Shir Hatzafon weekend with service after the summer break will be August 1/2/3, where we will be visited by Rabbi Tirzah Ben-David from Israel.

Shir Hatzafon wish all our members and their families and friends of Shir Hatzafon a great summer!


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By clicking on "Calender" in the top menu you can see when there is a worship service in Shir Hatatzafon or other kinds of activities in the community as well as events outside Shir Hatzafon but with an interest for the Jewish audience.

The calender is bilingual - Danish and English.

If you are hosting an event, which you think could be interesting for the Jewish community, you are welcom to contact us at